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Dr Megan Paul

A long-term researcher in the non-profit sphere, Megan has conducted research into volunteer behaviour and management and non-profit governance. She has also been involved in research in workplace organisational behaviour, most specifically bystander behaviour in bullying scenarios.

She is one of three founding co-directors of The Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability in the School of Business and Governance at Murdoch University. Focused on providing a forum for research sharing and collaboration the Centre is host to the 4th International Conference on CSR, Sustainability Ethics and Governance in July 2017. The three directors from the Centre have just edited a special issue of Third Sector Review (the ANZTSR journal) on volunteering as a subject for research, and they are currently editing a book for Springer on disciplinary perspectives on CSR.

Megan has been involved with the Volunteering WA research committee since its inception in 2000, and am now a board member at Volunteering WA (since Oct 2016) and Volunteering Australia (since Feb 2017), having previously had involvement in other boards and committees.

As Research Integrity advisor and Director Postgraduate Research in the School of Business and Governance at Murdoch University, Megan has an applied, inclusive and translational research approach.

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